Made in Shanghai, China in the studio Landi. A little strange story which shows and narrates the ingredients of a fantastic cocktail.…short trumpet tunes, pure vodka, the wind from Manhattan streets, lemon and a sparkle of craziness to change the world…The photographic contributions have been manipulated in the post production with the technique of parallax effects to make alive simple pictures in black and white. Louis Armstrong picks up the trumpet, Marilyn Monroe’s skirt raises up and at the end Isak Einstein shows us his tongue. For all the tabletop filming the camera utilised was a Phantom Flex 4K that with Arri Zeiss macro lenses set up on a ‘Bolt’ camera robot for the motion control in high speed. The live action was filmed with an Alexa camera and Arri Ultra prime lenses. The post production " Volt FX " in Shanghai .