A biscuit that transforms itself into crumbs and powder to enrich fantastic desserts with its OREO flavour.

Extreme slow motion for biscuits and croissant.

The spicy taste of this burger turns into fire and strong emotions !

360 degrees, the camera is still following the movements and actions of the fries in high speed motion. 

The nature is the absolute protagonist in different stories for five different juices flavors.

A small wood with trees of oranges recreated in a studio for this juice.

A beautiful golden chicken introduces us to the world of Nikas products.

In this commercial the beer is aged in a barrel , and an empty bottle is waiting to be filled !

Arabica 100% marked with fire on the wood ...this is the begininng of this coffee story.

A series of 9 films where bottles of beer become part of the food recipes.

Yummy sandwiches and the story of how to get a great turkey ham.

Dramatic actions of chocolate , banana and vanilla.

The chocolate embraces the milk and wraps the wafer to become ice cream.

The fruits become beautifully yellow and gold juice with explosion of the mangoes.

Spectacular SFX of liquids exploding from the bottles.

Drops of water hit the coffee powder and the magic begins !

Mango slices floating in the air and ripe fruits covered in juice.

Gourmet recepies inspired by a three stars chef Quiche Dacosta

Leaves of mint and milk floating in the air like a white velvet .

Spectacular action with ice cream

Tasty chocolate cream ,cocoa powder, mascarpone cream ...and time lapse in the oven for choux . These are the heroes of this story.

A coffee powder to use with French press , to get a rich tasty hot drink.

A little strange story which shows and narrates the ingredients of a fantastic cocktail. I make alive photos in black and white with the technique of parallax effects .

A lemon, a sharp knife that cuts it with energy  which gives the kick start at the story for this Sprite flavours Lemon +

For PepsiCo, the famous Thailand actress /model  Praya Lundberg  is the  testimonial of this hot spices snack.

For Coca Cola india, the liquid is like a storm on the sea and bubbles under the surface are making the bottle cap fly away.

Nests of fettuccine arrive in the boiling water and the story begins .

Very high precision movements to film these beautiful luxury jewelry in slow motion.